Beyond the Books: the Untold Stories

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Everyone has a story, but how does it differ from the norm?

We often hear of students who go about life by the book, being top scorers in their class.

What if we could shed light on the untold stories of Homegrown Dreamers, those who were labeled as underdogs for thinking differently and for wanting to pursue different paths than others.

Through their use of technology, we want to uncover how these inspiring heroes went through their own set of challenges in achieving their dreams, going against the grain of conventional — and how young Singaporeans can learn from them.

These are their stories of going beyond the books.

Cheryl Allison | Content Creator and Gamer

Cheryl always had a passion for gaming since young — it gives her the adrenaline rush that has now made her part of a Valorant all-female team in Singapore. Regardless of initial challenges, hardwork and determination brought Cheryl to where she is today and she hasn’t looked back since. She encourages aspiring gamers to pursue their passions, possible in this day and age with the rise of technology.

Fauzi Azzhar | Content strategist and Creator

Growing up in an underprivileged family, Fauzi believes in the importance of technology and how it can empower young Singapoeans to achieve the dreams that lie in their own hands. An advocate for mental health, Fauzi uses his content to reach out positively to people and constantly reminds us that seeking help is something not to shy away from.

Jill-Marie Thomas | Singer-songwriter, Gamer, Streamer and Content Creator

Jill took a big leap to embark on a career in singing, songwriting and gaming in Singapore. While it may not always be the chosen path for many, she believed in herself and persevered. With the help of technology, Jill enjoys her hectic yet fun schedule and encourages young Singaporeans such as yourself to always continue learning, with endless possibilities at your fingertips.

Tjin Lee | Entrepreneur

Co-Founder of Life Beyond Grades, Tjin Lee saw that the skill sets needed in today’s world of employment were changing and wanted parents to understand that a mindset shift was needed. Inspired by her kids, Tjin advocates that each child be able to discover their own strengths and interests with the ever-evolving world of learning, made possible with technology.

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