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Transforming education to prepare students for life beyond school

As digital transformation accelerates, schools need to equip the next generation of learners with the critical skills and technologies so that they can achieve more and succeed.

Lenovo EdVision brings smarter end-to-end technology to power the new era of learning beyond the physical classrooms and help educators unlock the full potential of every student. This partnership between Lenovo and Microsoft provides teachers and students with smarter, more powerful tools to learn, collaborate, and create in a secure and trusted environment.

A Smarter future of education with Lenovo and Microsoft

Discover how Lenovo and Microsoft are addressing the struggles that teachers face in hybrid lesson delivery with education solutions designed for simplicity, flexibility, productivity, and collaboration of users.

Smarter connections beyond the classroom

With its suite of next-level smart education solutions, Lenovo EdVision is enabling personalized learning and empowering the students with skills and tools to be tech-ready in a digital future.

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Lenovo Services for Education

Lenovo’s comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end solutions and our global delivery network help maintain, protect, and manage your education investments.

Microsoft Education Training Journey

Be part of a thriving community of educators who are working together to change students’ lives and build a better world. These certification programs were created to enable you to learn new ways to innovate with tech tools, share best practices, and connect with other inspiring educators.

Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE)

MIEs use MS tools in the classroom and have learnt the fundamentals of some of these tools. This is the first step on a journey of joining a professional learning network of enthusiastic educators who come together to learn, share and grow.

Duration: 2 hours

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE)

As you become skilled at integrating technology into the classroom, consider submitting a self-nomination to join the MIE Expert program to work closely with Microsoft and lead innovation in education.

Prerequisite: MIE

Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE)

MCE program provides robust tools that help educators drive best-in-class integration of information and communication technology into classroom instruction.

Prerequisite: MIE and MIEE

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